Thursday, September 7, 2006

QUALCOMM Licenses FLO Technology to Newport Media

Newport Media, a start-up silicon developer based in Southern California, signed a royalty-free agreement that enables it to use QUALCOMM's patented technologies to design, manufacture and sell certain semiconductor chip products that implement FLO technology.

FLO technology, a multicast innovation, is a Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standardized air-interface technology designed to increase capacity and coverage and reduce cost for multimedia content delivery to mobile handsets. The FLO Forum recently gained official approval and publication of the FLO Air Interface Specification by the TIA TR-47.1 Subcommittee. http://www.qualcomm.com

  • Newport Media is headed by Mohy Abdelgany, who previously was a VP, Business Director and Founder of RF Solutions Business Unit ($500 million annual revenues at the time of Mohy's departure) at Skyworks , Conexant and Rockwell (1995-2004). Prior to joining Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, he was a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs (1989-1995).