Sunday, September 17, 2006

Psytechnics Offer QoE Across VoIP and Circuit Telephony

Psytechnics unveiled a new Unified Communications Experience Manager that address both IP and non-IP voice quality issues for enterprises and service providers.

The Experience Manager integrates the latest versions of PSI, PVI and PSM, which are now shipping to Psytechnics customers. By combining both IP and voice quality measures, the Experience Manager identifies critical issues that affect voice quality, such as noise, echo and distortion as well as IP QoS, bridging the gap between legacy solutions and IP networks.

PSI has been updated to meet the strict requirements of the new ITU P.564 standard for VoIP quality assessment, which features Psytechnics technology.

PVI has been enhanced with application level intelligence to predict end-user QoE for video with even greater accuracy.

The Experience Manager also supports integration into market leading management solutions to support service level agreement monitoring, augment fault management and enable click-to-view diagnostics. The Experience Manager is shipping now and is targeted at the enterprise and managed service provider community.

The Unified Communications Experience Manager works with all of Psytechnics' existing solutions and platforms to enable end-to-end QoE management.

Service Providers Ignore Customer Experience Metrics at Their Own Risk
end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) could be the downfall of IP service
providers if they continue heightened attention on service price cuts and
neglect advancements in test and measurement technology. To ensure
end-user satisfaction, IP service providers will find that objective
testing methods best suit their testing needs, since older methods,
including subjective measurements, consume time and resources without
producing the needed results.


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