Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mindspeed Offers Pseudo-wire Solution for Wireless Backhaul

Mindspeed Technologies announced an IP-based backhaul transport solution based on its TSP3 family of network processors and PortMakerIII software suite with pseudo-wire emulation edge to edge (PWE3).

Mindspeed's PWE3 and PortMakerIII enable the implementation of an IP-based backhaul network for third-generation W-CDMA, UMTS, and WiMax services. The PWE3 architecture also enables service providers to seamlessly interconnect their existing ATM backbone networks with new Ethernet backhaul networks and a converged IP/MPLS core.

Mindspeed said its high-performance TSP3 network processors are designed specifically for wireless backhaul, access and enterprise applications requiring programmable traffic management and Layer-2 protocol interworking. The TSP3 family provides wire-speed performance by combining a networking-optimized, customized microprocessor with powerful hardware engines.

Mindspeed's PortMakerIII firmware provides fully supported binary applications for the TSP3 family of devices. http://www.mindspeed.com

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