Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Juniper Enhances E320 Broadband Services Router for IPTV

Juniper Networks announced a series of enhancements for its E320 Broadband Services Router targeted at IPTV and multiplay networks. The upgrades include new 10 Gigabit Ethernet and High Density Gigabit Ethernet interface cards with advanced multicasting optimization capabilities, enabling providers to support more subscribers, more services, and more network interfaces on a single platform. The E320 is deployed in over 28 networks worldwide, including some of the world's largest IPTV and multiplay networks.

The E320 Broadband Services Router is available with a 320 Gbps switch fabric and capable of scaling up to 128,000 subscribers per platform.

The new 10 Gigabit Ethernet Services Cards can be used for high-capacity trunks between the E320 and downstream Ethernet aggregation devices as well as upstream core routers. They also feature fine-grained Quality of Service mechanisms and hierarchical queuing capability.

The new 8-port High Density Gigabit Ethernet Cards enable greater density of the platform and feature multicast optimization. By distributing multicast processing to the line cards, the High Density cards reduce the load on the switch fabric and line modules. The interface cards also feature both line rate and oversubscription capabilities.

The new interfaces also extend the capabilities of Juniper's Ethernet Services Cards to the broadband edge, enabling providers to deliver multiple services -- each with assured levels of QoS -- over Ethernet.

Juniper also noted that its revenue to date surpasses $1 billion for its broadband services router family.


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