Sunday, September 10, 2006

JDSU Offers QoS Tool for Large-Scale Business VoIP

JDSU announced a new software agent that helps ensure QoS for providers supporting the large-scale transition of their business customers to VoIP. The QT-50, which is part of JDSU's NetComplete Service Assurance VoIP portfolio, proactively monitors and troubleshoots issues and evaluate metrics that can affect voice quality - such as mean opinion score (MOS), R-factor, jitter, packet loss, and packet statistics -- by simulating the IP call experience as if at the customer premise.

The QT-50 works with JDSU's operations support systems (OSS), called NetAnalyst and NetOptimize, to deliver both on-demand testing and performance management capabilities. It places and receives active test calls between other software agents and JDSU QT probes (such as the QT- 600 Ethernet and triple-play probe) deployed across a provider's network.

By creating meshes of synthetic VoIP calls throughout the network, it proactively identifies potential degradations end-to-end (i.e., between hundreds of office buildings) for continuous and active monitoring of VoIP quality, helping providers gain a solid understanding of their customer's VoIP service experience. The measurements and reports generated by the QT-50 provide the key QoS metrics needed to instill confidence that call signal and voice clarity are of an exceptional level and meet customer expectations.

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