Thursday, September 7, 2006

JDSU Launches IP Video Test Capability

JDSU added a new SimulSource IP Video Generation Application to its digital and IP video test instrument, the DTS-330. The new software helps network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) verify equipment for IPTV and other triple-play service deployment by identifying and troubleshooting issues or improving performance before it is shipped.

JDSU said the ability for NEMs and operators to conduct stress test and verification on their own allows them to adjust, troubleshoot, and improve performance before equipment is deployed in the network.

SimulSource IP Video Generation Application supports this by generating hundreds of IP video test streams typically involved in a network carrying IP Video services, allowing NEMs to verify and stress test equipment using many types of encapsulation and signal layer analysis (MPEG, upper and lower layer protocol) for a full view of the equipment's performance.

The SimulSource software also enables the DTS-330 to perform testing/verification of both the output and input of multiple aggregated IP video streams over a Gigabit Ethernet pipe.