Monday, September 11, 2006

Ixia Scales its Subscriber Emulation for Carrier Class Networks

Ixia has added new capabilities for its Optixia hardware platform that almost triples its subscriber emulation scalability. Using the Aptixia IxLoad Triple Play test application, service providers and system vendors can emulate virtual "countries" of web users, more than 40 million, connecting at the rate of over 1.5 million users per second; virtual "cities" of voice callers, making more than 60,000 simultaneous calls; and virtual "towns" of video subscribers, receiving more than 30,000 standard definition video streams -- all from a single Optixia chassis.

The Ixia platform can simultaneously simulate complete Triple Play (video, voice and data) scenarios in an integrated solution. Additionally, Optixia can use real application layer traffic to test IP/MPLS network infrastructure -- true converged multi-services testing. Ixia said these realistic testing scenarios are superior to traditional one-way packet blasting testing techniques.

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