Thursday, September 28, 2006

iSkoot Develops Thin-Client VoIP App for Dual-Mode GSM/WiFi Phone

iSkoot, a start-up based in Cambridge, Mass., introduced a thin Java-based client for enabling dual-mode phones (supporting both GSM/CDMA and WiFi networks) to connect with VoIP services, such as Skype, GoogleTalk, AIM, Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

iSkoot's Java-based thin client phone application and network server enables VoIP over three different network connections, WiFi which is typically free, 3G/GPRS data which typically is offered for a fixed monthly charge, and GSM/CDMA voice which typically is billed by the local-minute.

In addition iSkoot's thin client technology, which is approximately 100K in size, utilizes the standard resources available on the telephone so that the widest variety of devices, including lower power CPUs, can take advantage of this capability.

Dual-mode phones with iSkoot's new client software allow a user to make telephone calls over the Internet using all three networks utilizing one small application.


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