Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Intel Announces New Ultra-Wideband Silicon and Reference Designs

Intel announced the availability of Wireless UWB Link 1480 MAC (media access controller) silicon and reference designs for ultra-wideband host solutions.

The Intel UWB host solutions could enable PCs, printers and digital TVs with existing hi-speed USB ports to be upgraded to support wireless personal connectivity through USB dongles and ExpressCards.

The silicon and host design are based on the Certified Wireless Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification from the USB Implementers Forum and the WiMedia Network specification from the WiMedia Alliance.

Intel's UWB host MAC silicon has been integrated with multiple third-party UWB physical layers, offering a choice of radio solutions in its host reference designs. The Intel host solution enables concurrent operation of Certified Wireless USB and WiNet and has been demonstrated to interoperate with multiple device peripherals such as cameras and printers.

Intel said the release will allow independent hardware vendors, PC manufacturers and device OEMs to deliver high-bandwidth, low-power wireless solutions that provide personal area network connectivity in the digital home and office.

"UWB will allow end-users faster wireless access than ever before to their digital content -- photos, music, videos," said Rich Wykoff, general manager of Intel's New Business Initiatives Group. "We look forward to exploring a new world of unwired possibilities uncovered by UWB."

  • Wireless USB enables access up to 480 Mbps within 9.9 feet (3 meters) or 110 Mbps within 33 feet (10 meters).


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