Monday, September 25, 2006

Intel and DIRECTV Show STB Design

Intel and DIRECTV previewed an upcoming digital set-top box with integrated digital media adapter (DMA) functionality verified to work with Intel Viiv technology. The unit will provide the ability to record and view 200 hours of standard definition content or 50 hours of MPEG 4 high-definition programming.

DIRECTV's new set-top box, the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, marks the first time a major service provider has endorsed an integrated DMA deployment in the home through a set-top box. A software download, which is expected to be available starting in December, will enable the DMA capabilities.

The design is in the final stages of Intel Viiv technology testing and verification.

  • DirectTV is preparing to launch a Broadband Video by the end of the year that would deliver content-on-demand to a DVR. Hundreds of hours of popular content would be available for download via satellite, and thousands of hours would be available for download via broadband over the Internet. All content would be under DirecTV control.

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