Wednesday, September 6, 2006

IBM's Tivoli Provisioning Manager Enables Wide-scale Virtualized Computing

IBM introduced virtualization software that enables companies to deploy and install software on tens of thousands of laptops, desktop PCs, wireless devices and servers. The new Tivoli Provisioning Manager, which incorporates technology IBM acquired from Rembo Technologies, senses when the network can handle software upgrades and automatically begins those upgrades when there is sufficient network bandwidth. It also runs automatic compliance checks -- such as validating that antivirus software is up-to-date -- and deploys the software across the infrastructure.

The software includes two new virtualization technologies:

  • "Adaptive bandwidth control" gives important business operations priority but allows administrative IT tasks, like anti-virus updates, to be handled whenever network space is available. For example, this eliminates the need for a bank to reserve extra servers or network space solely for administrative tasks such as updating applications across their ATMs.

  • "Peering," which is a grid computing-based approach to distributing software over long distances. It allows files, such as email applications or video clips, to be downloaded from a local server or a nearby desktop. Software is delivered faster to computer users while network traffic and hardware.