Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Global Crossing Introduces Carrier VoIP Community Peering Service

Global Crossing introduced a carrier customers VoIP Community Peering service that gives carriers the ability to more easily offer their business customers high-quality, end-to-end IP connectivity.

Global Crossing's VoIP Community Peering, which has been available to enterprise customers since June 2006, applies to all VoIP Local Service numbers on the Global Crossing network, including numbers provisioned within a carrier's network, to other carriers, and to any Global Crossing enterprise customer. This delivers the end-to-end quality of an all-IP connection and enables a lower, more predictable cost structure.

Global Crossing said its service is unique because it lets carrier customers consolidate all the incoming voice traffic from their own customers and send all VoIP outbound calls to the Global Crossing network. Global Crossing does not apply per- minute charges on calls that are served by Global Crossing's VoIP Local Service, but rather a flat-rate monthly recurring charge for bandwidth to support a designated number of simultaneous calls. Those calls originate and terminate on Global Crossing's network and do not rely on the PSTN for completion.

The end-to-end, all-IP call flow also allows carriers to support more SIP-based features by eliminating "islands of VoIP" that can occur in a VoIP-over-PSTN solution.

In addition, carrier customers can benefit from a combination of Global Crossing VoIP Outbound and VoIP Local Services to create alternative routing plans for traditional national or international PSTN off-net calling connections.