Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fonpods Debuts Mobile Podcasting Service

Fonpods, a start-up based in Los Angeles, unveiled its new podcast by phone service. Fonpods' proprietary platform is designed to provide convenient, cost-free mobile access to digital audio content -- podcasts in particular - through the mobile phone.

The Fonpods service provides users with PC and Internet content optimized for an on-the-go mobile experience -- creating a fusion of interactive content and portable media -- and allowing users to access their audio content from a landline, mobile or VoIP phone.

This experience is supported by Fonpods' back-end services featuring a searchable catalog of available podcasts. A Web-based interface allows users to customize and create their own listening "channels," as well as produce their own content, share content, or collaborate with friends and colleagues. Additional functionality allows users to organize, tag, or rate podcasts - from any web-access device - with all major browsers being supported.


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