Sunday, September 17, 2006

CopperGate Provides Entone with HomePNA 3 Capability

Entone Technologies has selected CopperGate's CG3010 chipset for use in its HD MPEG-4 set-top boxes, enabling multi-room video and content sharing over HomePNA 3 without the need for additional cabling.

Coppergate's CopperStream chipsets, used in a variety of products such as set-top boxes, broadband residential gateways and ONTs from leading manufacturers, comply with the ITU G.9954 (HomePNA 3) home networking standard. CopperStream enables IP data over both coaxial cable and phone wires with guaranteed QoS.

  • The HomePNA 3.0 spec, which was standardized by the ITU in May 2005, reaches a data rate of 128 Mbps with optional extensions reaching up to 240 Mbps. It also features a deterministic QoS mechanism so that it can be used as a high speed backbone for distributing multiple, feature-rich digital audio and video applications throughout a home. The QoS technology permits users to assign specific time slots for each stream of data guaranteeing that the real-time data will be delivered when it is required with predetermined latency and without interruption, allowing HomePNA V3 to transport data with inherent QoS requirements such as IEEE1394.

  • AT&T has selected HomePNA 3 technology for in-home distribution of its U-verse services, including its forthcoming IPTV offering, high-speed Internet, and VoIP.

  • HomePNA 3 technology will be integrated into IP set-top boxes supplied by Motorola and Scientific Atlanta and Residential Gateways supplied by 2Wire as key components of AT&T's U-verse deployment.

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