Wednesday, September 20, 2006

AT&T To Bring 2,000 Outsourced DSL Tech Support Jobs In-House

AT&T announced plans to add approximately 2,000 previously outsourced technical support jobs to the AT&T payroll. The jobs - which have been outsourced both domestically and overseas - are related to supporting AT&T's DSL customers who self-install their service or have other basic questions about the service.

The company is currently assessing where to locate the jobs, which will be added to the AT&T payroll by the end of 2008.

The DSL jobs are the second group of jobs that the company and the
union have agreed to create in recent months. Previously the company and most regions of the CWA agreed on a contract covering premises technicians who will perform installation work at customer homes for AT&T's new U-verse video service. Hiring of those workers is under way.

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