Tuesday, September 5, 2006

AT&T Adds Network-based Cybersecurity Services for SMBs

AT&T introduced two network-based security services for small and midsize businesses -- AT&T Internet Protect and AT&T Intrusion Prevention Service.

AT&T Internet Protect uses the company's IP backbone as a proxy of general Internet traffic to help predict and profile known and developing malicious activities. It provides network managers with security information, such as immediate network threats, recent patch releases and other security "need-to-know" facts. Additionally, AT&T Internet Protect's security portal not only notifies customers of critical malicious activity, but also recommends an immediate course of action.

AT&T Internet Protect customers also receive access to AT&T Internet Security News Network (AT&T ISNN), a 24/7 video webcast that provides businesses with critical security news and information. The news network delivers up-to-date information from security experts and forensic analysts directly to subscribers' desktops. AT&T ISNN also provides live emergency broadcasts as security attacks occur, keeping customers informed.

AT&T Intrusion Prevention Service is a fully managed security solution featuring tools to defend internal networks. It can help detect, contain, and neutralize known or developing threats from hackers, viruses and worms that attack a company's network.

AT&T Intrusion Prevention Service uses a security device designed to internally monitor and defend a company's network. When installed on a local area network, this device can monitor the behavior of IP traffic on the business's network rather than searching a database for known signatures of worms and viruses. The device is designed to verify whether traffic packets are malicious and then to block the suspect traffic from the origination points to help prevent the spread of the worm or virus to the customer's network.


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