Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Zarlink and BroadLight Combine Packet Processing and GPON

Zarlink Semiconductor has completed interoperability testing of its CESoP (circuit emulation services-over-packet) technology with BroadLight's GPON solution.

The companies noted the continued importance of TDM traffic as evidenced by the recent GPON RFP (request for proposal) issued in North America, which stipulates legacy services must be supported.

"Carriers are seeking ways to add TDM service support to the new GPON infrastructure, rather than incur the expense of maintaining existing circuit networks," said Bruce Ernhofer, product manager, Packet Processing, Zarlink Semiconductor.

Zarlink positions its CESoP as a key bridging technology that allows carriers to seamlessly support TDM services over a packet network.

The tested solution, based on Zarlink's CESoP technology and BroadLight's BL3238 OLT (optical line terminal) MAC (media access controller), supports the delivery of TDM-based services across central office and customer premises GPON equipment. Using CESoP technology in the OLT, circuit-switched traffic along with associated timing and signaling information is converted into IP or Ethernet packets and tunneled across the GPON network. At the OLT, GPON access blades supporting TDM services do not need to include TDM circuitry and backplane connectivity.

At the business CPE (customer premise equipment), Zarlink's CESoP technology and BroadLight's BL2340 ONU (optical network unit) System on Chip enable channelized, fractional and clear channel T1/E1 services.

Zarlink also noted that most carriers have specified that TDM-over-packet and pseudo wire solutions for GPON deployment must conform to the IETF draft standards and MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) 8.0 standards. Its CESoP technology meets all issued and drafted TDM-over-packet and pseudo wire standards.http://cesop.zarlink.comhttp://www.broadlight.com

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