Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Verizon Wireless Ships EV-DO Modems

Verizon Wireless announced the availability of Novatel Wireless' WWAN PCI ExpressCard/34 for use on its BroadbandAccess 3G Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) network. The card is also backward compatible with Verizon Wireless' NationalAccess network, allowing use outside of the EV-DO coverage area.

Verizon Wireless also began offering AirLink's line modems for use on the EV-DO network.

Customers with any monthly Verizon Wireless voice plan can receive unlimited BroadbandAccess for Internet browsing, e-mail and intranet access for an additional $59.99 monthly access. For non-voice customers, BroadbandAccess is available for $79.99 monthly access for unlimited use for Internet browsing, e-mail and intranet access.


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