Thursday, August 3, 2006

Verizon Readies FiOS TV for New Jersey

Verizon announced that it is ready to push ahead with a $1.5 billion upgrade over 3 years to its network in New Jersey. The announcement came after Gov. Jon Corzine signed into law legislation that streamlines the process for obtaining video franchises in the state.

Verizon expects to have its fiber-based video network available to three and-a-half million residents in New Jersey by the end of 2008. The first locations will be opened for sale by the end of this year.

Verizon currently has more than 1,000 technicians building the FTTP network around the state. As a result of New Jersey's streamlined franchise rules, the company expects the accelerated deployment will lead to hundreds of additional jobs in New Jersey.

Verizon is building a major video hub office in Freehold, New Jersey.

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