Monday, August 21, 2006

Verizon Plans "Bandwidth-on-Demand" Optical Test in NYC

Verizon Partner Solutions, the company's wholesale services unit, will begin testing a new control plane capability aimed at reducing the time it takes to establish new high-capacity circuits (DS-3, SONET, or Ethernet) from months to, in many cases, minutes.

The trial, which is expected to start next week in New York City, involves bandwidth on demand provisioning within the optical network.

Verizon said its Bandwidth on Demand Just in Time Provisioning (JiT-P) trial will reduce the provisioning time of private line OC-n and Ethernet services. This will be accomplished by the use of Optical Transport Networks (an end-to-end all optical transport network including the loop and Interoffice Facility (IOF)) and Next Generation Add Drop Multiplexer (NGADM) network elements with control plane functionality.

The implementation of Optical control plane is based on ITU-T G.807 and G.8080 architectural guidelines.

"One of our top priorities is finding ways to continually improve how we serve our customers," said Verizon Partner Solutions Vice President Quintin Lew. "Once this initial test is successful, we'll be able to react very quickly to customer needs, along with providing high-quality, reliable telecom services."

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