Sunday, August 27, 2006

Verizon Launches Free "PlayLinc" Games Messenger

Verizon began offering a free "PlayLinc" service that provides gamers with an integrated interface for voice, instant messaging and access to free public servers. Essentially, PlayLinc is a free games messenger with VOIP tools. It also allows players to host games on their own PCs and invite friends to private Internet gaming sessions.

PlayLinc can be used with any broadband connection, but Verizon said its fiber-based FiOS Internet service will deliver superior performance.

PlayLinc's peer-to-peer voice capabilities allow up to 32 players to communicate with one another in real time.

Verizon's introduction of PlayLinc is the result of the company's new relationship with SuperComputer International (SCI), a leading provider of high-performance game-server hosting solutions, gameplay-related services and fully integrated gaming portals. Verizon acquired an equity position in SCI in May.

Verizon also announced the launch of its new online community Web site,, which showcases PlayLinc and includes forums, frequently asked questions, blogs, gaming news and other features for online gaming aficionados.

Verizon said PlayLinc and the new Web site are key parts of its overall strategy to establish relationships with and encourage the growth of a large, loyal community of serious and casual gamers. These relationships with gamers are expected to fuel business opportunities for Verizon, including digital distribution of games, in-game and on-site advertising, promotion of other Verizon services, and increased adoption of Verizon's FiOS and DSL broadband services.

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