Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sonus Networks Delivers Enhanced Billing Support

Sonus Networks released an updated version of its billing platform, enabling network operators to further streamline the integration of next generation applications with existing Operational Support Systems (OSS).

The Sonus Insight Management System supports the rapid integration of new multimedia services into existing billing platforms. Sonus' billing mediation solution, the DataStream Integrator (DSI), mediates and correlates billing records, whether generated from Sonus-based platforms or from third party application platforms, and incorporates the information into traditional as well as next generation billing systems.

The latest release of the billing solution includes the availability of a new streaming billing functionality for the GSX4000 Open Services Switch. This feature eliminates the need for local storage of billing records by allowing multiple GSX4000s to stream records to a single, centralized DSI Billing System rather then dedicated local servers, driving down the cost of the overall network and maintaining the benefits of a smaller form factor the GSX4000 was designed to address.

"One of the primary benefits of a highly distributed architecture is the ability to rapidly and seamlessly introduce new services into the network, but those new services are only valuable to the network operator if the infrastructure is in place to properly bill for them," said Vikram Saksena, vice president, chief architect, Sonus Networks.


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