Monday, August 14, 2006

SingTel Launches SIP Trunking Service for Enterprises

Singapore Telecommunications announced the launch of "Meg@POP" SIP Trunking service, enabling enterprise customers to integrate their voice and data networks by connecting them directly to the domestic telephone network.

Meg@POP customers already enjoy free "on-net" VoIP calls within the company with Intranet connections. However, for "off-net" calls outside of this network -- calls to the fixed-line and mobile networks -- customers have to pay for separate data links (such as ISDN-30) to deliver their VoIP calls from their IP-based corporate phone systems (IP-PBX or IP-KTS).

SingTel Meg@POP SIP Trunking removes the need for separate data links by enabling convergence of voice and data communications.

The new service also targets customers who are not on Meg@POP but are using Local Leased Circuits as tie-lines to link up their multi-site IP-PBX or IP-KTS, in addition to ISDN-30 links to the domestic telephone network.