Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reliance Infocomm Deploys Ventuti Optimization on CDMA Network

Reliance Infocomm, India's largest CDMA operator, has deployed Venturi Wireless' optimization solution to enable its newly launched Netconnect with Netbooster service -- a mobile broadband service. The Reliance deployment consists of the Venturi VServer along with the VClient software for mobile devices.

Venturi's "Adaptive Airlink Optimization" leverages a patented Venturi Transport Protocol (VTP), developed specifically for wireless IP transport. The optimization improves the Internet Protocol operation over the wireless link, offering mobile data users accelerated access speeds, fewer dropped sessions and interruptions, and a more consistent overall user experience. The VServer, in coordination with the VClient software, delivers up to seven times higher data access speeds as well as significantly improved service availability under all radio frequency (RF) conditions.


Transport Optimization Spurs Mobile IP Services
Internet is leaving the home and going mobile. But to deliver a wireless
broadband experience that consistently meets user expectations, carriers
must implement a wireless transport optimization solution that addresses
the unique challenges of data transport over wireless networks. These
include link delay, loss of data, and bandwidth variations�all of
which can lead to slow connection speeds, dropped sessions, and
inefficient utilization of bandwidth.

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