Sunday, August 13, 2006

Occam Completes Interoperability Testing with Siemens Softswitch

Occam Networks has completed interoperability testing of its BLC 6000 System broadband loop carrier (BLC) with the Siemens SURPASS hiQ 8000 softswitch. The two products interoperate via the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), a client-server protocol that provides a direct IP connection between the Siemens SURPASS hiQ 8000 softswitch and the Occam BLC in distributed network architecture.

The companies said using MGCP rather than GR-303 or TR-08 provides more control over subscribers and saves service providers facilities cost; equipment cost and reduces transport cost. An IP-based network enables telecommunications service providers to deliver next-generation services such as VoIP to subscribers more efficiently and cost-effectively reducing capital expenses, as well as operating expenses.

The two companies have successfully deployed GR303 for telcos in the US, and are currently working with select customers who are interested in deploying VoIP with an Occam/Siemens solution.