Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nokia Acquires gate5 for Mapping/Navigation in Mobile Devices

Nokia agreed to acquire gate5, a supplier of mapping, routing and navigation software and services, for an undisclosed sum.

gate5, which was founded in 1999 and is based in Berlin, provides software to leading personal navigation device manufacturers around the world. Its "smart2go" software enables a sophisticated mapping and navigation experience with advanced features such as house polygons, earth browsing and dynamic route guidance. All applications are extendable with more than 5,000 city guides, travel guides or services.

Nokia said it will continue to support gate5's PND (personal navigation device) customers and remains fully committed keeping them satisfied with enhanced software solutions. It will also continue to support gate5's multi-platform strategy for mobile devices, including Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile, Palm and Java platforms.

Nokia sees the acquisition as an important step in developing the new product category of multimedia computers that offer people multiple ways to connect to information, entertainment and other people.

"Our combined expertise means that mobile device owners will enjoy a wide range of location based services," said Dr. Michael Halbherr, CEO, gate5. "Based on maps and routing functionality, there are countless useful features for mobile users; e.g. travel guides, search what is around you including restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. anything you need in your surroundings. We are excited to become part of Nokia and to be able to take the gate5 technologies and products to even wider audiences."

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