Thursday, August 17, 2006

NEC Develops High-Power Gallium Nitride Transistor Amplifier for 3G

NEC announced a compact gallium nitride (GaN) power transistor amplifier, which boasts the world's highest output power level of 400W while featuring low-distortion characteristics, for 3G base stations.

NEC said the key features of its newly developed GaN amplifier include:

  • The GaN power transistor achieves high output power density under high-current (1A/mm) and high voltage (45V) operation owing to NEC's proprietary field-modulating plate technology.

  • The single-ended GaN power amplifier boasting a compact configuration decreases the number of assembled RF components.

  • Newly developed output bias networks inside the amplifier suppress the memory effect of the amplifier, thereby achieving excellent linearity with a digital predistorter placed within.

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