Sunday, August 27, 2006

MoCA Certifies ONTs from Motorola and Tellabs

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA-TM) has certified Optical Network Terminal (ONT) triple-play fiber-to-the-home terminals from Motorola, Inc. and Tellabs. These devices, the first ONTs to be certified by MoCA, convert optical signals, delivered over a passive optical network (PON) on fiber, into electrical signals that are sent to a homeowner's entertainment devices. MoCA technology, embedded in the ONT, enables triple-play content, including well over net 100Mbps of multiple HDTV and SDTV programs, high-speed data, gaming, voice and any other services over IP , through the existing in-home coaxial wiring. The ONT is typically attached to the outside of a home or apartment.

The Motorola ONT1000M Single Family MoCA Optical Network Terminal provides a single point of delivery for voice, video and data services over a single fiber network.

The Tellabs 1600-612 Single Family Unit (SFU) ONT supports residential voice, Ethernet-based data, video over IP, MoCA and RF analog-digital video services all over a single optical fiber in an easy-to-install unit. The unit supports either 10/100BaseT Ethernet or a MoCA interface for high-speed delivery of entertainment over IP throughout
a home using coaxial cable.

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