Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Leapstone Enhances its IPTV Software

Leapstone Systems released a new version of its Communications Convergence Engine (CCE) suite incorporating enhancements designed to strengthen its carrier-grade IPTV capabilities. Leapstone's newest CCE software release now offers broadband service providers the means to implement a centralized management layer on top of IPTV platforms like Microsoft TV, enabling to offer superior VOD services.

The key enhancements in CCE Release 6.5 include:

  • Flexible Broadcast Packaging and Broadcast Listings Options: Leapstone offers service providers an automated means to localize channel lineups for the same service package and to also restrict channel information display for customers who wish to restrict content listings, such as adult program information

  • Choice of VOD Catalog Delivery: CCE Release 6.5 supports standards-based, automated interfaces to third-party content providers for uploading and creation of a comprehensive VOD content catalog that can be presented to subscribers over multiple devices such as PCs and mobile devices. Service providers can use this feature to offer differentiated video services that will help increase adoption rates and contribute to higher average revenue per user

  • Enhanced Blackout Management: The newest Leapstone release gives service providers a simplified tool for implementing sports blackouts while providing alternate programming during blackout periods

  • Improved Customer Care: Improved integration of Leapstone's CCE with the service provider's call center and self-service portals streamlines such functions as a suspension or restoration of subscriptions, while simplifying personalization features like parental PIN resets, credit limit adjustments and simplified purchase of promotional content such as VOD content

  • Faster Billing and Vendor Settlements: The latest software release incorporates features to streamline the billing and settlement of VOD purchases, helping both service providers and content owners reduce delays in revenue recognition

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