Sunday, August 6, 2006

Juniper Supplies Core Routing for China Telecom's CN2 Network

Juniper Networks announced that China Telecom has expanded the core capacity of its ChinaNet Next Carrying Network (CN2), enabling CN2's Juniper Networks M- and T-series routers to support an increasing number of network edge devices and applications.

Juniper said that since November 2004, China Telecom has deployed its routers as the only routing platforms in the national core of its CN2 project, continuing to build upon previous deployments as part of its CN2 expansion plan. Specifically, Juniper T640, T320 and M320 routers are underpinning both the national CN2 backbone and eight South China provincial backbone networks.

China Telecom created CN2 in 2004, utilizing MPLS to offer a variety of advanced IP services including VPNs, high-quality IP voice and video streaming.

  • In July 2006, Cisco Systems announced that China Telecom is expanding its CN2 business network with the deployment of hundreds of Cisco 12416 routers. Nearly 400 Cisco 12416 Routers, including some already deployed in certain key provinces, will be installed during the CN2 provider edge expansion, marking another significant breakthrough since the adoption of the Cisco IP NGN. The deployment includes products for CN2's backbone network in 2005 as well as CN2's international networking projects in Central America, Europe and Asia in March 2006. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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