Sunday, August 6, 2006

Fujitsu Debuts 20-Port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch IC

Fujitsu Microelectronics America introduced a 20-port, 10 Gbps Ethernet (10GbE) switch IC (the MB8AA3020) designed to meet the performance demands of high-density backplane switching for advanced TCA (ATCA) and micro TCA, blade server, and data center applications.

The new 20-port 10GbE switch chip delivers 400+Gbps, non-blocking, aggregate switching bandwidth through 3Mbytes of proprietary, multi-stream shared buffer memory, with on-chip 10Gbps serial SerDes.

Fujitsu said its chip provides high quality of service (QoS) for data center and carrier networks through state-of-art virtualization, backward congestion management notification (BCN) and priority PAUSE features. An on-chip micro-engine drives the management interface. The IC, which has the smallest footprint in its class, also supports the CX4 interface and adaptive equalization with on-chip SerDes. The new switch complements Fujitsu's family of 12-port, 10GbE devices, which have been widely deployed in high-performance servers worldwide.