Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Firetide Supplies Wireless Mesh for Singapore National Stadium

Firetide supplied equipment for a wireless mesh network at the National Stadium in Singapore. The wireless network, provided by Singaporean distributor D-Synergy and installed by Internet Service Provider iCELL Network, served as a wireless infrastructure for the National Day Parade celebration at the stadium allowing video surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi access points to be deployed without cabling.

The National Day Parade organizers did not want to invest in a permanent wired network since the National Stadium will soon be replaced with a new facility.

The National Stadium mesh network consisted of 50 Wi-Fi access points and 40 video surveillance cameras connected to 30 Firetide mesh nodes. The mesh nodes connected wirelessly to each other to create the self-forming mesh. The network also features two redundant 20 Mbps Internet gateways to optimize bandwidth and load balancing and to provide instant failover should one of the links fail.

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