Thursday, August 3, 2006

Ericsson Acquires Netwise AB for Presence Management

Ericsson has completed its public offer to acquire Netwise AB, a supplier of presence management technology. Shares and warrants representing 96.8% of the share capital and 98.1% of the voting rights in Netwise have been committed in Ericsson's cash offer to shareholders and holders of warrants in Netwise.

The acquisition represented a total value for Netwise of SEK 300 million.

  • Netwise's NetSwitch software application suite offers virtual PBX functionality, attendant features, and presence management. The platform has several orders from EMEA based mobile operators.

  • Earlier this year, BEA Systems announced a new partnership with Netwise to integrate Netwise NetSwitch application suite with BEA WebLogic SIP Server, the industry's first converged Java EE-SIP-IMS application server. The resulting joint solution will be designed to provide contact management functionalities in a revenue-generating virtual PBX solution for operators servicing enterprise customers.


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