Thursday, August 10, 2006

Deutsche Telekom Takes 10% Stake in Click&Buy

Deutsche Telekom's T-Online Venture Fund has made a 10% investment in Switzerland-based FIRSTGATE Holding AG, which owns Click&Buy, Europe's leading provider of Internet payment services.

Click&Buy makes it possible for providers to outsource complex billing for paid content, services and goods. The system handles both billing in various currencies and the processing of credit cards, direct debits and the 40 most commonly used payment procedures in Europe. Click&Buy's customers include Electronic Arts, T-Online Gamesload, Apple iTunes, Skype, Nero, Tiscali, and others.

In addition to expanding the business relations between T-Pay, the online payment system by T-Com, and Click&Buy, the plan is to achieve interoperability. In future, this will open up the possibility for T-Pay, one of the leading German payment systems, to offer payment of T-Com bills through Click&Buy as well.

More than 40 million telephone customers will then have the opportunity to pay simply, safely and quickly with T-Pay through Click&Buy.


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