Monday, August 14, 2006

Cox Cites Subscriber Gains from Satellite Customer

Cox Communications is gaining converts from satellite TV subscribers. Among new connections, the percentage of basic cable customers who are former satellite customers has nearly doubled in two years. Cox Communications' President Patrick Esser will discuss these results and other year-to-date achievements today on a teleconference sponsored by Aryeh Bourkoff of UBS, as part of his "Frontline" conference call series.

"In 2004, 6% of our basic connects were former satellite customers; in 2006, we've driven that number to 11%," said Patrick Esser, Cox's President.

  • Cox has added approximately 84,000 basic cable customers since July 2005.

  • Cox remains the nation's leading provider of cable telephony with more than 1.8 million residential subscribers. It claims the highest telephony market penetration to basic subscribers of any cable company, at nearly 35%.

  • At the close of the second quarter, Cox had more than 3.2 million bundled customers, 5.4 million basic video subscribers, and 3.1 million high-speed Internet customers.

  • Cox gained nearly 1.3 million RGUs year over year - two-thirds of which are subscriptions to Cox High Speed Internet and Cox Digital Telephone.

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