Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cognio Enhances WiFi Spectrum Troubleshooting Tool

Cognio, a start-up based in Germantown, Maryland, introduced a new version of its Spectrum Expert tool for troubleshooting WiFi networks. The new Spectrum Expert 3.0 adds diagnostics for determining whether a WiFi problem is in the "Air" or in the wired network.

Cognio's Spectrum Expert 3.0 tells the user what physical layer issues are causing WiFi network problems, helps analyze and optimize WiFi throughput, and adds alerting when performance or security violations are detected. New features include:

  • Channel Utilization Chart - indicates which channels are over utilized and why

  • Signal to Noise Chart - shows the relative signal strengths of access points, interferers and noise to determine if performance or connectivity problems are related to interference

  • Interferer Alerting - highlights interferers that affect performance or security

  • AP Finder - locates unauthorized WiFi APs or ad-hocs

  • Easy Save - allows quick export of plot and chart data to spreadsheets for offline processing or to remote experts

  • Display of monitored bands on status bar offers a quick view of which bands are being monitored.