Wednesday, August 16, 2006

California Senate Committee Approves Video Franchise Bill

A bill that would establish a state-wide video franchise process was approved by the California Senate Appropriations Committee. The proposed legislation (Assembly Bill 2987) would make it easier for new entrants into the market. It would also guarantee that local communities continue to receive franchise fees consistent with those paid by incumbent cable companies.

The bill has already received unanimous and bipartisan support in the Assembly (77-0) and the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee (10-0). The bill is expected to be considered on the floor of the Senate this month.

Verizon supports the bill.

"Verizon is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to build its new fiber-optic network in California, creating over 1,000 new jobs. This bill would maximize the potential of that network and offer a new standard of quality and value in television delivery to consumers across all income levels, while maintaining local government oversight in important and appropriate areas," stated Verizon West Region President Tim McCallion.

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