Sunday, August 6, 2006

CacheLogic Announces P2P Accelerated Media Delivery Platform

CacheLogic introduced its new "VelociX" Accelerated Media Delivery Platform combining the benefits of scalable Peer-to-Peer technology with a distributed physical network of P2P caches.

CacheLogic said its system is able to provide the quality-of-service benefits offered by traditional content distribution networks (CDNs), enabling large media files such as television programs or movies to be downloaded in minutes rather than hours using broadband connections. The peer-assisted content delivery also promises significantly lower cost compared to traditional CDNs.

CacheLogic argues that for Internet Service Providers, the combination of a physically distributed P2P caching network with accelerated content delivery allows its VelociX platform to significantly reduce the upstream congestion that has been previously associated with P2P. Additionally, the content acceleration capabilities of the VelociX platform enables Service Providers to fully utilize their high-speed connections to provide truly compelling services for their subscribers.

The CacheLogic VelociX Accelerated Media Delivery Platform comprises a global distributed network with significant delivery capacity located at strategic points across the Internet. The platform, and its interaction with P2P clients operating on the network, is dynamically controlled using CacheLogic's Cache Discovery Protocol (CDP) that enables accelerated media delivery and optimizes distribution of legal content.

CDP has already been integrated into the newest clients of BitTorrent (San Francisco) and RawFlow (London) with other software vendors also utilizing CDP to fully integrate their products with the VelociX Accelerated Media Delivery Platform.

  • In July 2006, CacheLogic, a start-up based in Cambridge, England, closed a $20 Million Series C funding round led by Amadeus Capital Partners. The company supplies P2P technologies for ISPs and cable network operators. The funding round also included existing investor 3i, along with syndicate members Pentech Ventures and The Cambridge Gateway Fund.