Monday, August 14, 2006

Broadcom Introduces Next Gen Server I/O Controllers

Broadcom introduced its second generation of server I/O controller silicon based on HyperTransport technology.

A server I/O controller chip acts as the interface from processor(s) to other I/O protocols, such as PCI-Express (via the open standard HyperTransport bus technology) to facilitate data transmission in a server system.

The new Broadcom HT-2100 server I/O controller chip and platform solution designed to solve cost and usability issues for server OEMs. The modular architecture of the HT-2100 controller enables server OEMs to use the same chipset family and software for multiple server markets, requiring minimal changes.

The HT-2100 server I/O controller features a high performance HyperTransport to PCI-Express bridge that is capable of tunneling data between two HyperTransport ports. The HT-2100 also features 1 GHz HyperTransport technology, 24 lanes of PCI-Express and a HyperTransport tunnel to provide the speed and bandwidth required for next generation I/O protocols.