Thursday, August 10, 2006

AWS Auction Reaches $2.4 Billion in Bids, T-Mobile Leads

After 8 rounds, the FCC's auction of licenses for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-1) spectrum has reached $2.4 billion in bids.

The Top Ten Bidders by Net Provisionally Winning Bids so far:

  • T-Mobile License

  • Dolan Family Holding (holder in Cablevision)

  • Spectrum Co. (backed by Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Sprint Nextel)

  • Cricket Licensee

  • MetroPCS

  • AWS Wireless Inc.

  • Wireless DBS LLC - (backed by DirecTV, News Corp, Fox, EchoStar, Rupert Murdoch, and EchoStar)

  • Barat Wireless

  • Cavalier Wireless

  • Antares Holdings

Daily results from the bidding are posting online.
  • AWS-1 bands are currently being used for a variety of Government and non-Government services and require relocating incumbent operations. The lower half of these paired frequencies, i.e., 1710-1755 MHz, is currently a Government band and is covered by a Congressional mandate that requires that auction proceeds fund the estimated relocation costs of incumbent federal entities. The upper half of these paired frequencies, i.e., 2110-2150 MHz band, is used by private (including state and local governmental public safety services) and common carrier fixed microwave services (�FS�). The 2150-2155 MHz band is currently used by the Broadband Radio Service (BRS).

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