Sunday, August 6, 2006

Alcatel and XTEND Deliver E911 for VoIP

Alcatel has added enhanced E911 capabilities to its OmniPCX Enterprise communications server with the help of XTEND Communications Corp.

The XTEND EADM Basic E911 server. EADM is a PC-based, integrated solution operating with Alcatel's OmniPCX Enterprise and the OmniVista 4760 Network Management for Enterprise IP Telephony systems. At its most basic level, EADM provides the conduit for sending the subscriber information (ELIN/ERL) to the 911-service provider's automatic location information (ALI) database. The solution also includes unique features and capabilities such as end-point location tracking and automatic location information database, multiple on-site event notification methods, real-time audio recording of 911 calls in progress, and Video monitoring through the Alcatel's phone XML-enabled display. In addition, the system can accommodate both single and multi-site PCX Enterprise configurations, which is ideal for school districts, healthcare provider networks, financial institutions and others.

The companies said their new solution will help businesses reach state and ultimately federal compliance of E911.

Alcatel and XTEND have previously worked together to deliver user centric IP applications for various vertical enterprises, including k-12 education and healthcare.