Wednesday, July 5, 2006

ZTE Supplies Wireless for Qinghai-Tibet Railway

ZTE has been chosen for a wireless communications network that will provide voice and data services to passengers using the world's highest altitude rail service -- the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. In collaboration with China Mobile and China Unicom, ZTE's CDMA and GSM wireless solutions will be deployed to provide service coverage for the newly-built rail system. The wireless communications network will cover the two regions of Qinghai and Tibet, as well as the Golmud and T'ang-ku-la Mountains section, covering nearly one thousand kilometers.

The 1,100km (750-mile) Qinghai-Tibet railway, which rises to 5,072m (16,600ft) above sea level, has been built through some of the most difficult terrain on earth. ZTE's wireless technology has been specially adapted to work at high altitude and will be installed at T'ang-ku-la, the railway's highest point.

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