Monday, July 24, 2006

Wipro and Motorola Announce Joint Venture for Managed Services

Wipro Technologies and Motorola have formed a joint venture to deliver managed services to public and private network customers. The joint venture, named WMNetServ, will deliver outsourced telecom services to help customers focus on their core business and gain access to capabilities not available internally.

The companies said WMNetServ is a strategic move that demonstrates a commitment to investing in services and offering new business opportunities to meet the changing needs of customers. Motorola's managed services portfolio helps customers reduce and control costs by taking advantage of Motorola's capabilities in out-tasking, build-operate-transfer, and total outsourcing. By combining Motorola's portfolio with Wipro's resources and expertise, WMNetServ will deliver and manage services in planning, deployment, optimization, security, operations and support.

WMNetServ will host a Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) platform that will integrate seamlessly with Motorola's existing NOCs in North America and Europe to provide 24/7 network monitoring capabilities to customers. WMNetServ's primary delivery center, including the GNOC will be based in India. Headquarters and a regional subsidiary for the joint venture will reside in Europe. WMNetServ will be lead by a Wipro representative while the Board of Directors will have representation from Wipro and Motorola senior management.