Sunday, July 9, 2006

Vonage Sued for Voice Mail Technology, Acquires Other Patents

Klausner Technologies filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Vonage regarding voice mail technology. The lawsuit asserts that the Vonage VOIP voicemail platform infringes Klausner Technologies' U.S. Patent. 5,572,576. Klausner Technologies recently granted a license under the same patent to Time Warner's AOL for AOL Voicemail and VOIP voicemail services.

For its part, Vonage announced the acquisition of three patents from Digital Packet Licensing Inc. that enable VoIP. Vonage said the deal provides it in control of pending litigation against Sprint Communications LP and Verizon Communications, among others, in federal court for infringement of one of these VoIP patents. Vonage is presently in cross-licensing negotiations with regard to them. Leading telecommunications companies including Motorola, Time Warner, Qwest Communications and others have already settled with and/or taken a license from Digital Packet on these VoIP patents, and as a result of acquiring the VoIP patents, Vonage also assumes ownership and control over these agreements. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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