Sunday, July 16, 2006

TANDBERG Introduces HD Videoconferencing System

TANDBERG introduced a series of high-definition group and personal videoconferencing systems that automatically select the optimal video quality for the bandwidth available. They also offer CD-quality audio, encryption and dual stream support for displaying participants and presentations at the same time. The new products include:

  • Centric 1700 MXP -- a personal system that operates as a visual control center. The 20" flat-screen monitor seamlessly switches between PC content and HD video calls.

  • PrecisionHD Camera -- a key component to TANDBERG's HD group systems, the camera features High Definition (720p) in a 16:9 video format, 7xzoom and 70-degrees field-of-view to accommodate large groups. The camera also offers comprehensive image control, fast and smooth video handling and 180-degree pan for complete side-to-side movement.

  • Edge Series -- a slim bookshelf system that includes a codec, microphone and TANDBERG's PrecisionHD camera to turn any workspace with a flat screen into an interactive situation room. Edge models include the 95 MXP, 85 MXP and 75 MXP.

  • Profile Series -- a true-to-life, HD experience for small, medium and large groups. Add digital devices for a superior multimedia experience. Fully integrated, Profile systems feature the TANDBERG PrecisionHD camera and include the 8000 MXP, 6000 MXP, 3000 MXP and Maestro MXP.

  • TANDBERG Total Solution -- upgrades to TANDBERG's full suite of infrastructure products--including the MPS multipoint control units, Border Controller and Gatekeeper products--provide a seamless and secure solution for deploying HD video. Software updates include full HD support, improved interoperability, enhanced security, and Optimal Voice Switching for maximizing system performance.

Updates to the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) include the ability to manage systems outside of your internal network, including scheduling, booking, diagnostics and reporting. This new feature further promotes the widespread deployment of video to remote and home offices.

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