Thursday, July 27, 2006

T-Com Launches VDSL2 Network in 10 German Cities

Beginning August 2, Deutsche Telekom's T-Com division will begin offering consumer broadband access at up to 50 Mbps over its new VDSL network in ten cities. The service delivers voice communication, Internet usage and IPTV via a single line.

In cooperation with TV provider Premiere, DT is featuring the German top league Bundesliga via VDSL for an additional EUR 9.95 a month. Fans signing up now get an additional bonus: The first half of the season is for free. Aficionados can watch individual games or a so-called conference switch, which juggles between all the matches being played. Additionally, the top match of the week will be broadcast in HD.

  • T-Online is using Microsoft's IPTV platform.


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