Monday, July 10, 2006

SES AMERICOM Readies Satellite-based Emergency Service Ahead of Hurricane Season

SES AMERICOM announced commercial availability of its "REDiSat Network" for America's first responders, emergency management professionals, and private enterprises from the financial, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas industries.

The REDiSat Network is a system capable of variable-bandwidth management and actively allocates satellite space bandwidth as needed to correspond to disaster and other emergency situations. The system is built upon a TDM/TDMA architecture, enabling multiple users to share a pool of Ku-bandwidth set aside for REDiSat subscribers on the AMC-6 satellite.

Customers pay an upfront fee for initial equipment, a minimal monthly subscription fee to secure access to the network, and then only when bandwidth for the service is activated.

The REDiSat Network delivers broadband Internet connections based on an iDirect platform based service, and can transmit and receive data and voice transmissions. Customers can choose from two levels of service. The customer premises equipment (CPE) consists of a pre-aligned, removable 1.2-meter Ku-band antenna with non-penetrating roof mount, a low noise block down converter (LNB), a two-watt block up converter (BUC), and a satellite modem.

  • Launched in October 2000, AMC-6 is the company's fifth hybrid C- and Ku-band satellite and operates at 72 degrees west longitude.

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