Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ruckus Wireless Announces 15 New U.S. Rural Telcos

Ruckus Wireless, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, announced 15 new customers for its in-home "smart Wi-Fi" system. The list of new customers includes:

  • ETEX Telephone Cooperative (TX)

  • Daviess-Martin Rural Telephone Corporation (IN)

  • LaValle Telephone (WI)

  • Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative (IN)

  • Canby Telcom (OR)

  • Hutchinson Telephone Company (MN)

  • Glandorf Telephone Company (OH)

  • Green Hills Telephone Company (MO)

  • Ligonier Telephone Company (IN)

  • Matanuska Telephone Association (AK)

  • Union Telephone Company (WI)

  • Viola Home Telephone Company (IL)

  • McDonough Telephone Cooperative (IL)

  • New Windsor Telephone (IL)

  • Nex-Tech, Inc. (KS)

  • Wabash Mutual Telephone (OH)

Wi-Fi Completes the Triple Play
date, in-home video distribution -- an essential element for Triple Play
delivery -- has been largely ignored: Given its widespread popularity and
use within the home, Wi-Fi would be an obvious solution to this problem.
Yet conventional consumer Wi-Fi was designed primarily for data
applications and provides poor transport for multimedia traffic. Here is
how a new generation of Smart Wi-Fi could solve the problem.

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