Monday, July 24, 2006

Regional Wholesale Transport Providers Deploy MetaSwitch for Core VoIP Networks

Wholesale transport providers MAIN and IRIS Networks are deploying MetaSwitch's softswitches in their fiber-optic networks. The two regional network operators manage a total of more than 4,400 fiber miles over which they each offer IP-based carrier services with TDM and IP hand-off to local exchange carriers, as well as regional and national inter-exchange carriers. Financial terms were not disclosed.

MAIN (Montana Advanced Information Network), a division of Vision Net, and IRIS Networks, of Tennessee, were both established in the 1990s by consortia of local exchange carriers. Both have the goal of building regional fiber-optic networks to lower signaling and transport interconnection costs for their member companies and other carrier customers. MAIN, and IRIS Networks will be using MetaSwitch's core softswitch as part of initiatives to build out their next-generation networks, offer a broader range of Class 4 and Class 5-based solutions, and expand their businesses beyond pure transport to higher-value multimedia services. MAIN is expanding its network with distributed media gateways controlled by a centralized softswitch call agent, which is a significantly simplified network compared to traditional switching architectures.

IRIS Networks is initially deploying MetaSwitch's core switch for long distance SIP trunking over its Cisco-powered OC-48 DWDM network. The company plans eventually to offer higher level voice services to its carrier customers.

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