Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pulse~LINK Validates UWB Chipset Performance for Whole-Home HD

Pulse~LINK released independent test results validating the performance of its CWave UWB Over Coax solution. The report generated by Quantum Parametrics, the leading provider of 1394 implementation test tools, confirms Pulse~LINK's performance over coax.

The Quantum Parametrics report verifies that at sustained 400Mbps application layer throughput, Pulse~LINK's CWave Over Coax performance spans hundreds of feet of in-home coaxial cable, including multiple consumer grade signal splitters. The test scenarios were designed to stress the transmission system in various ways. Tested configurations included several combinations comprising hundreds of feet of RG-59 consumer grade coaxial cable; multiple signal splitters; and various lengths of un-terminated coax cable stubs attached to unused splitter ports.


  • In May 2006, Pulse~LINK, a start-up based in Carlsbad, California, introduced its "CWave" UWB chipset designed for whole-home distribution of HDTV content, high quality multi-channel audio and high-speed data across in-home coax and wireless networks. By bridging its wireless and wired communications technologies, CWave enables high data rate

    transmissions to be distributed throughout the home via coax then wirelessly connects peripheral devices in each room.

    Pulse~LINK said its "CWave" chipset will deliver up to a Gigabit of throughput with guaranteed quality of service. Coax, wireless, and even power line communications are all supported simultaneously from the same chipset radio


    The CWave signal traverses existing RF splitters, coexists with legacy CATV, satellite and other signals already carried on the coax, and requires no changes to existing in-home coax cable wiring.


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